Mooloola.. what?

It’s the second day of Christmas or Boxing day as they call it here in Australia. For some random reason I find myself in the tiny little coastal town Mooloolaba. The town has not much to offer besides SEA LIFE-a huge sea aquarium where you can admire all of Australia’s (underwater) creatures on a few square kilometres. And for the dare devils, and non-budget travelers there is also an opportunity to dive with sharks. Secretly I am a bit of a fish nerd so I can’t resist…

One of my favorites:

Mijn favoriet is denk ik toch het zeedraakje: net als bij andere zeepaardjes doet het mannetje de broedzorg. Het vrouwtje legt de eieren in een buidel onder de huid van de staart van het mannetje en na zo,n 9 weken komen de jonge zeedraakjes uit :)

My favorite has to be the leavy sea dragon: like other species of seahorses the male is the one that takes care of the babies. The female lays her eggs in a pouch under the tail of her man ans about 9 weeks later the young sea dragons hatch.

Ok a few more ;):

As I mentioned before it’s Christmas so we would like to go out to dinner. At the beach we met two Egyptian guys and even though Christmas is not so much their thing they would like to join in. Unfortunately it appears that most Australians stay at home for Boxing day and all the restaurants are closed. There is however one place where the light is still on, and no it’s not the Chinese 😉 Apparently Koreans share the Aussie love for barbecue, although it is more like gourmet (something I know from home). So we end up spending Christmas in a very multicultural way: a Korean meal, with Egyptian company and a hint of Dutch tradition 😉

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